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Real Heroes Highlights

Sunita Krishnan
Sunita Krishnan is a gangrape survivor, but that's not why she is a Real Hero. The gang rape does not encompass her identity. Sunita is a real hero for many other reasons, one among them is the tremendous work, effort and love she has put in helping women and children who have faced exploitation forget the tragedy and move forward. Sunita's story came into prominence when the Delhi gangrape took place last year; shock or outrage because something considered to be out of the ordinary had occurred, a few months down the shock and outrage has died and violence continues.
Naseema Khatoon
Naseema has refused to let things die down or follow tradition. She calls herself 'Red Light Area ki Beti', she wants identity, a future and a fruitful life for girls like her. Naseema's main mission is to shake off the stigma that sex workers have to live with.
Biro Bala Rabha
Our viewers will be happy to know that this real hero we profiled in 2010 has married a man of her choice and is living a life of example. For some it isn't so easy, archaic customs-traditions bind them, don't allow them to grow and sometimes take their life too. Biro Bala Rabha fought against a practice where women were branded witches and killed on some pretext or other. Witch hunting is reality in many parts of this country.
Bina Kalindi Vijaylaxmi
Now the law of the land may have banned Child Marriage but thousands of girls in India are married off as little girls. It starts a cycle of abuse; early pregnancy, lack of education and motherhood when they can barely take care of themselves. Bina Kalindi in West Bengal and Vijaylaxmi in Rajasthan emerged as strongest voices against child marriage, first their fought their parents, their neighbours and then society.
Jalpana Paul
In many homes of this country; urban and rural, the girl child is unwelcome. The abuse and the violence starts in the womb. Change often can start at home too in simple ways, by questioning society's beliefs and accepted practises like football is for boys. Jalpana Paul from Malkangiri and her gang of girls is kicking the ball hard.
Subhasini Mistry
The Real Hero from 2009, Subhasini Mistry, a vegetable seller from Kolkata started a hospital to treat the poor. There were many a personal battles in between, but the courage and fortitude shines through.
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